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About Us


Incredible Youth International (IYI) was born out of a call to see the world become a better place through leaders who demonstrate humility and giving.  We believe that the quality of a country resides in the quality of its youth. That is why we advise them so they would become responsible citizens. We collaborate with role models to inspire and motivate our youth. Incredible Youth International promotes the values of transparency, accountability, respect for human rights, social justice, economic excellence and integrity.



The founder and president of IYI, James Brian Ntwatwa received several rewards for his work with the youth. Since its creation in 2005, IYI was able to create a huge network of young people in 50 countries, determined to be effective agents of change and credible youth in their spheres of influence.

Sara Vauclair, president of IYI Europe, has been a teacher in many countries. Following her childhood dream, she went to Uganda to build a home for orphaned children, and works for the youth worldwide to discover their identity and become actors of development and excellence in their communities.

To nurture and help the youth realize their potential by creating opportunities that will contribute towards achieving their enterprises and Millennium Development Goals in Uganda, Africa and globally.
To empower the next generation to discover their identity, unleash their potential and become leaders of positive change.
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