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What we do



Change a life!

Lend 200 000 shillings (60 dollars)

Change a life

Get your money back

200 000 shillings will allow a young entrepreneur to start his/her business and become self-sufficient. We select projects carefully and offer training and a personalized follow up to the youth until they reach their goals. The young entrepreneur will in turn lend that same amount to another one, or give it back to you is that is your choice. Get a loan or interest through Incredible SACCO. For more information contact Sara 07 00 13 53 94.


With 150 000 shillings a month, you will allow a child to go school :

We are looking for funds to open a school and rehabilitation center in Kabembe as well.



Become a mentor or a beneficiary of Incredible Youth International practical and theoretical trainings.

Mentor me: advice from a mentor

(education, talent, business, profession)

Change the world: support by mentors, members and IYI partners to groups of youth who create and manage projects

Personal development workshops: (self esteem, entrepreneurship, sewing, photo, music, theatre, languages, agriculture, construction, IT…)

Community development workshops: leadership, communication, interdependence, accountability…

Transform’ Academy: free online training for members (information, videos and Skype conferences)

Weddings, Parties
Grounds hire for weddings, conferences, meetings and other functions